Hello, this is the MiningEagles Website, Thanks for checking it out by the way! =)

Anyways we're currently uploading random videos, but some are:
*  Garry's mod movies
*  Minecraft let's plays.
*  Trailers
*  Nightmare House 2
*  Might not continue Mass Effect 2 - only if someone REALLY wants to :p

We were thinking to make a "Shadow of Israphel" type of thing, but i'm sort of thinking it's going to be really hard to do when we're only so little amount of people in MiningEagles, so.. but maybe.

Thanks for those who subscribe to us!
Very much thanks =)

My shoutout videos "goal" is to make atleast a hundred
"TTTT - Athene's Power" videos
with around 50 people each time.
I want to Help Athene and small Youtube channels that are doing a great/hard job making videos.

Currently gaming Videos:
Mass Effect 2
Nightmare House 2

Upcoming Gaming Videos:
Minecraft ( Multiplayer )
Diablo 3
World of Warcraft?
Diablo 3 (Multiplayer?)

Other than that it's going to be like random videos, shoutouts, tributes or trailers. Come with suggestions of what we/i should play and record footage of :)

Q: What do you guys use to record?
A: We use Fraps at the moment, to record other things than gameplay we use Camstasia Studio, And to edit, we just use Windows Movie Maker.
(cause i have no other editing programs that i are very skilled in, But do come with suggestions for that too :) )

Q: Can i join the MiningEagles?
A: Kind of depends, You'd have to be atleast 15 + years old .. sorry to dissapoint others ;I

Q: Are you, Dan and Scott real friends?
A: Me and Dan is friends IRL, but Scott is not.

Q: Can you make a shoutout for me/us?
A: Sure, send us a PM and we'll put it up as soon as we can :)

Dark Impala

Minecraft Usernames:
RayThaDevil ( Ray )
Dark_Impala ( Dan )
DoomriderX (Scott )